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Some of that may have to do with Syniverse being the porting engine for 
those 3.

On 2/10/2016 9:57 AM, Nick Olsen wrote:
> Exactly this.
> I actually ported my personal cell number to Verizon from ATT yesterday.
> Gave the rep my ATT account number, He 30 seconds later asked me for 
> the PIN I set on my ATT account. I provided and my number was working 
> before I hit the door on the way out. Total port time was <5 Min.
> I questioned the Rep if this was always the case and he said only if 
> porting from Sprint/ATT/T-Mobile. And that basically any other carrier 
> (Not including MVNO's of the above) took 3-5 Business days. Which is 
> about in-line with my current wireline porting.
> I figure they all exchange so many numbers a day it was in all of 
> their best interest to work together.
> Not to mention, By automating the process. They don't have to keep an 
> entire call center worth of LNP personnel to handle their volume.
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> I think the incentive is to cooperate because it is a relatively small 
> group of wireless carriers compared to wireline.
> The main reason being that they don't want their ports held up, so 
> they work well with others.
> Also since there is a small group they could automate the back office 
> processes between them and submit the request and aknowledgment 
> quickly and without human interaction.
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> This does raise, in light of the OP, the question of what economic or
> political incentive wireless carriers have to cooperate in relatively
> seamless porting to/from each other.
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