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Exactly this.
 I actually ported my personal cell number to Verizon from ATT yesterday.
 Gave the rep my ATT account number, He 30 seconds later asked me for the 
PIN I set on my ATT account. I provided and my number was working before I 
hit the door on the way out. Total port time was <5 Min.
 I questioned the Rep if this was always the case and he said only if 
porting from Sprint/ATT/T-Mobile. And that basically any other carrier (Not 
including MVNO's of the above) took 3-5 Business days. Which is about 
in-line with my current wireline porting.
 I figure they all exchange so many numbers a day it was in all of their 
best interest to work together.
 Not to mention, By automating the process. They don't have to keep an 
entire call center worth of LNP personnel to handle their volume.

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  I think the incentive is to cooperate because it is a relatively small 
group of wireless carriers compared to wireline.   
 The main reason being that they don't want their ports held up, so they 
work well with others.
 Also since there is a small group they could automate the back office 
processes between them and submit the request and aknowledgment quickly and 
without human interaction.

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    This does raise, in light of the OP, the question of what economic or
political incentive wireless carriers have to cooperate in relatively
seamless porting to/from each other.

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