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"Formal" process is that your CLEC looks at your LOA, tucks it in a drawer after a cursory glance (hopefully they at least look at it), then submits a LSR (electronically or via excel spreadsheet) to the losing carrier. The losing carrier gives an FOC within 24 hours for usually within 3 days (or whenever they request the due date to be). Your CLEC builds the NPAC subscriptions, the losing carrier might or might not concur them (concurrence timers in the NPAC are out of scope for this question).

On the due date, the new carrier clicks activate in LTI (or sends an EDI message into the LSMS using their mechanized interfaces) and the national databases update within a few seconds (some may take a minute or two, ugh, unless they're disconnected and your number could be stuck in that LSMS for up to 24 hours). The losing carrier pulls out the routes/translations/whatever from their switch and issues a final bill.

Technically and legally, nothing stops your new carrier from calling a buddy at the old carrier, saying:
Winning: "hey john can we port this #, we have an LOA"
Losing: "sure, let me get into NPAC. create the subscription for now and i'll concur it"
Both carriers: *tap tap tap*
Losing: "okay i granted concurrence"
Winning: "thanks buddy, I just activated it, you can clean up your routes now"
Losing: "no problem great to hear from you!"
Winning: "lunch tomorrow?"
Losing: "sure!"

That actually meets FCC requirements. It doesn't meet ATIS recommendations but they're only recommendations (mostly put in place by people who really like the status quo).


> On Feb 10, 2016, at 08:14, Colton Conor <colton.conor at gmail.com> wrote:
> So what is the best case senario under todays rules for wireline carriers? Lets assume we are talking about a CLEC with their own switch and number pool porting away from the incumbend ILEC (Verizon or AT&T wireline). Assume the CLEC has access to NPAC.
> How does this process even work? Today we just have our customer sign an loa, and then upload the LOA to our wholesaler. They take it from there, but I would like to know the process and what is involved. Does each carrier have their own system to verifying that the number and account number belongs to the said provider?
> On Tue, Feb 9, 2016 at 8:59 PM, Paul Timmins <paul at timmins.net <mailto:paul at timmins.net>> wrote:
> A lot of it also comes down to cellular portability being required by the FCC to process ports in 4 hours or less from the day it was started as well. The FCC saw how wireline worked and said they weren't going to have that on wireless. Shortly after they cleaned up wireline (it used to be much worse!), and then introduced rules for intermodal ports.
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> > A lot of it goes into literally 4 companies working together to have automation.  I don't know that process would scale if it was hundreds of companies trying to accomplish the same thing without a clearinghouse in the middle and everyone talking the same language.
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> > One would think that the incentives would diverge depending on whether
> > the given wireless operator expects to be a net beneficiary of porting
> > in or a net loser to porting out -- a function of their market position,
> > which is not equal.
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