[VoiceOps] Park Button on Polycom Phones

Rodgers, Anthony (DTMB) RodgersA1 at michigan.gov
Tue Feb 16 10:26:15 EST 2016

FWIW, here’s what I implemented on SoundPoint phones with Asterisk at $OLD_JOB:

In sip.cfg: softkey.1.label="Park" softkey.1.action="$FDialpadPound$$Cp1$1000$Tdtmf$" softkey.1.enable="" softkey.1.precede="1" softkey.1.use.idle="" softkey.1.use.active="1" softkey.1.use.alerting="" softkey.1.use.dialtone="" softkey.1.use.proceeding="" softkey.1.use.setup="" softkey.1.use.hold=""

In features.conf:
      1 [general]
      3 parkext => 1000
      4 parkpos => 1001-1009
      5 context => parkedcalls
      6 parkingtime => 120
      7 courtesytone = beep
      8 parkedplay = caller call
      9 adsipark = yes
     10 findslot => next
     11 parkedmusicclass=default

In extensions.conf: exten => callpark,1,ParkAndAnnounce(pbx-transfer:PARKED|120|SIP/${DIALEDPEERNUMBER}|internal,${DIALEDPEERNUMBER},1)

IIRC, the soft key would park the call in the next available slot, announce the parking stall number and then hang up.

Anthony Rodgers
Security Analyst
Michigan Security Operations Center (MiSOC)
DTMB, Michigan Cyber Security

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Anyone know how to make an enhanced feature key (EFK) on Polycom VVX phones that lets you park a call on a line you are monitoring. Ideal condition would be to hit the park button on an active call, and then hit the line/blf you want to park the call on.

The EFK's I have seen out there want you to manually enter the extension of where you would like to park the call. That is not ideal.
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