[VoiceOps] Is it possible for US DID to have Canadian service address?

Victor Chukalovskiy victor.chukalovskiy at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 15:31:01 EST 2016

Good day,

Coming from Canadian CLEC background. Have tricky question for US LNP 
and associated guidelines, truly looking for your feedback. For the 
purposes of LNP, is it possible for US number to have Canadian service 

Major US CLEC  does not even allow us to enter Canadian address that we 
know is a service address for a US DID we want to port-in with them. So 
I conclude either of the two possibilities is true:

(1) Their portal is doing right, and the Canadian address we are trying 
to enter is not the true service address for the number in question. We 
should dig deeper and there must be some (perhaps place-holder) US 
address behind the DID.
(2) Their portal is not implemented right, and simply is not designed 
with this small but possible special case in mind.

So which of the statements would be true?

Many thanks,

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