[VoiceOps] Wholesale Voice Carriers with Instant Porting

Colton Conor colton.conor at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 23:01:05 EDT 2016

I am looking for a nationwide CLEC/Carrier that has the best porting
process available. In my mind, this is:

1. The ability to port most numbers, and port them to their own network.
That way they are only dealing with the losing carrier's porting
department, and not having to send the port to an off-net carrier waiting
and going through their porting department.

2. Have paid the ridiculous high priced API fee to Nuestar to allow for
instant porting on the FOC date. Meaning they have built some sort of
interface for wholesale customers so we can login online to upload ports,
run CSRs, etc.

3. Once a port is confirmed, on the FOC date, have the ability to initiate
the port at our time of choosing. Not at a forced specific time frame (like
10AM every morning), but if I want to port it a 4:59PM I can do so, and the
process will flow though without any human intervention.

4. The ability to do instant porting on mobile numbers. Example, if we want
to port a mobile number away from Verizon Wireless and convert it to a SIP
line, I have heard you can do that instantly if you have the account pin of
the Verizon Wireless number. This is less important than the other 3 items.

Which carriers have this capability? I know no one carrier can be on-net
everywhere, but I assume one of the big boys would fit this bill.

What about the following carriers:
AT&T (Do they have a wholesale SIP product?)

What are their porting capabilities and user facing portals like?

There might be a reseller that could fit this bill if they built their own
portal, and built on API's to the larger carriers.

Please keep it on list.
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