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We use, and I have used many times over the years, Bandwidth.  Their time
frame is certainly the fastest I have experienced.

On Wed, Jun 15, 2016 at 9:01 PM, Colton Conor <colton.conor at gmail.com>

> I am looking for a nationwide CLEC/Carrier that has the best porting
> process available. In my mind, this is:
> 1. The ability to port most numbers, and port them to their own network.
> That way they are only dealing with the losing carrier's porting
> department, and not having to send the port to an off-net carrier waiting
> and going through their porting department.
> 2. Have paid the ridiculous high priced API fee to Nuestar to allow for
> instant porting on the FOC date. Meaning they have built some sort of
> interface for wholesale customers so we can login online to upload ports,
> run CSRs, etc.
> 3. Once a port is confirmed, on the FOC date, have the ability to initiate
> the port at our time of choosing. Not at a forced specific time frame (like
> 10AM every morning), but if I want to port it a 4:59PM I can do so, and the
> process will flow though without any human intervention.
> 4. The ability to do instant porting on mobile numbers. Example, if we
> want to port a mobile number away from Verizon Wireless and convert it to a
> SIP line, I have heard you can do that instantly if you have the account
> pin of the Verizon Wireless number. This is less important than the other 3
> items.
> Which carriers have this capability? I know no one carrier can be on-net
> everywhere, but I assume one of the big boys would fit this bill.
> What about the following carriers:
> Level3
> Bandwidth
> Onvoy/Broadvox/Viteility
> Verizon
> AT&T (Do they have a wholesale SIP product?)
> Centurylink
> Inteliquent
> What are their porting capabilities and user facing portals like?
> There might be a reseller that could fit this bill if they built their own
> portal, and built on API's to the larger carriers.
> Please keep it on list.
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