[VoiceOps] G.729 A/B Experiences

Calvin Ellison calvin.ellison at voxox.com
Fri Mar 11 22:02:05 EST 2016

​Could you put their voice on wires (POTS/PRI/VoIP), and the rest of their
data on fixed wireless?
This doesn't necessarily give you any more calls per Kbps, but at least
keeps voice and data independent. Wires for dependability, radio waves for
bandwidth at the cost of some latency & packet loss.

One consideration when using G.729 is how you're going to deliver it to a
mostly non-G.729 world. Are your not-quite-broadband customers attached to
some PBX that will handle it and send G.711 to your carriers? That's going
to cost some CPU or dedicated transcoding hardware. Will your providers
accept G.729 and transcode for you? Is there a cost for it? Or will your
carriers blindly throw your G.729 at their LCR and hope something sticks?
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