[VoiceOps] Cox cable "outages" and a solution

Fred Posner fred at palner.com
Sat Mar 19 13:10:19 EDT 2016

I had a major issue with Cox when they were deploying ipv6. They set a
rate limiter on packets, and any voip call would trigger it. Once the
call ended, the speed would come back.

The way we proved it was to ping from the router to the immediate hop
after the modem... once we could prove it this way to the field tech,
they got "tier 3" to call a network engineer and resolve it.

Hopefully it's similar.

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On 03/19/2016 12:48 PM, Carlos Alvarez wrote:
> I'm posting this info here because I know quite a few of us have BYOI
> customers and may be affected by this.  Cox users have been reporting a
> lot of outages lately in certain areas (it seems to cluster by whatever
> areas Cox is making changes in).  I found that when there is a supposed
> outage, the only thing that fails is DNS. You can still
> ping/trace/connect with an IP address. I looked at the router's
> DHCP-assigned info and found that it was seeing an IPv6 DNS as its
> primary, with the usual two IPv4 servers as secondary/tertiary. Oddly,
> this didn't seem to happen right away, but would happen after the router
> had been up for a few hours. My best guess at the root problem is that
> Cox isn't properly handling IPv6 yet, even though they are advertising
> it to the router.  Completely disabling IPv6 in the router fixes it.
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