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Andrew Paolucci andrew at paolucci.ca
Tue Nov 8 13:30:32 EST 2016

Hello Fellow Canuck!

1. I'm not 100% on the implementation of it, but I believe it's up to each Carrier to implement with each other and establish their own contracts for the routing of the voice traffic.
2. The Canadian Local Number Portability Consortium (CLNPC) is wholly owned by more than 60 local exchange and wireless carriers in Canada.
3. I believe there are some commerical solutions for announcing LNP database changes to database providers for routing lookups, Syniverse(the current provider I use for mobile number registrations for SMS routing) is the go to for mobile number lookup database entries.
4. CLNPC along with CNAC are the go to for number management in Canada. CNAC being operated by Ledios Canada, for CLNPC I am not familiar with the current management.

I'm currently on the road but I'll try to relay some more information when I'm back in the office.

Happy researching!

Andrew Paolucci

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Can anyone help about LNP, I am specifically looking for answers to the following questions:

1- how it works?

2- which company is operating LNP in Canada?

3- is there a company that can help in developing a solution?

4- I assume there was a tender from CRTC at the time they decided to implement LNP in Canada (I think it was on 1998), do you know which company (or group of companies) owned the tender?

Your help will be appreciated.

Thank you




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