[VoiceOps] Verizon Origination

Keln Taylor kelntaylor at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 10:16:42 EST 2016

I operate a small cloud hosted PBX platform. We use VOIPInnovations and
Vitelity for origination and termination.  (We mainly use Vitality for
their "Fax Enable" platform.)

Level 3 has a presence in most of the rate centers we cover, I have some
potential customers in some rural rate centers that Level 3 doesn't have a
presence in.

Here is one of the rate centers in question:

The numbers in question are portable to Verizon wireless. Is there a
company like Vitelity or VOIPInnovations that uses Verizon as a provider?

Do I have any hope of finding an IP SIP trunking provider that can port
numbers from this rate center?

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