[VoiceOps] Help testing DTMF

Nick Olsen nick at flhsi.com
Thu Nov 17 14:54:56 EST 2016

Greetings all,
 I was hoping I could lean on the community for a moment and ask for some 
help testing DTMF on two numbers. I'm troubleshooting a particularly 
annoying DTMF issue in that, It seems to mostly effect inbound long 
distance calls. And seems to work fine from every test set I can seem to 
get my hands on.
 Anyways, The test is quite simple. I've setup two phone numbers, 
321-205-1709, And 321-302-7797. Both numbers answer and play back a sound 
file saying "Please dial extension 106". Upon dialing ext 106, You'll be 
presented with a "The test was successful" voice playback and the call will 
 In any event that anything but 106 is heard. It'll play "That's not a 
valid extension" and hangup.
 If anyone is willing to test for me, Please report back the results when 
calling both numbers. The number you called from, And the carrier you 
terminated the call with.
 I appreciate the assistance!
   Nick Olsen
 Sr. Network Engineer
 Florida High Speed Internet
 (321) 205-1100 x106



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