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Alex Balashov abalashov at evaristesys.com
Wed Nov 23 22:44:52 EST 2016

Actually, I've got a good story about that.

I spent nearly two years (on/off) residing in Yerevan, Armenia from 
2012-2014. That's 6300+ miles' Great Circle distance (and probably quite 
a bit more in terms of "backbone distance") from our PBX in Atlanta, and 
Armenia is a landlocked, economically blockaded country with a 
tenuous[1][2] hold on outside IP connectivity. If you don't know where 
it is, picture a place the size of Delaware, located north of Iran, east 
of Turkey, south of Georgia, and west of Azerbaijan, between the Black 
and Caspian Seas.

I don't think most customers and colleagues would have been any the 
wiser if I hadn't told them I was away. I had an 8/8 FTTH connection in 
Yerevan, and once my traffic went to Georgia (Caucasus Online), it rode 
a very expedient Level3 route all the way back to Atlanta. In fact, I've 
never had such beautifully consistent ping in the US. I could run a ping 
to the Atlanta VoIP PBX for an hour and it would return 165, 165, 165, 
165 ... I could only dream of such voice quality with usual cable & ILEC 
suspects here stateside. This is despite likely heavy oversubscription 
on the part of my Armenian FTTH provider, since wholesale outside 
connectivity was so comparatively expensive.

And in the end, it all just went to my Freeswitch PBX colocated in 
Atlanta, literally half a world away. No audio issues. Never once had a 
problem. Crystal-clear conversations.

If I could swing that in tiny, relatively poor and not especially 
well-equipped Armenia, you can swing it in Mexico.

-- Alex


[2] The external redundancy situation has improved greatly since those 
days, and the number of fibre operators and backbone connections is now 
somewhat higher. Nevertheless, it remains true that the Republic of 
Georgia is its lifeline to the world because of the pan-Turkic blockade.

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