[VoiceOps] Faxing over SIP - (88) INCOMPATIBLE_DESTINATION

Nathan Anderson nathana at fsr.com
Mon Nov 28 13:18:06 EST 2016

What specifically is displaying "(88) INCOMPATIBLE_DESTINATION"?  That's not a normal SIP message.  Is this Zoiper that shows this?  Freeswitch?  Kamailio?  The gateway?

What you really need is a packet capture of the SIP conversation that is happening between the entity throwing that error and whatever it is INVITEing.  So if Zoiper is displaying that message, make a capture of the signalling between Zoiper and Freeswitch.  It will certainly supply you with some clues about what is going on...

-- Nathan

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I know that faxing over SIP can be source of a whole lot of issues, but I am wondering if someone had the same that I am currently running into.

I have a softphone (Zoiper) sending a fax (TIFF image sent to a physical fax on PSTN) through a SIP platform with freeswitch / kamailio which is forwarding the fax to my PSTN Gateway (telcobridges TMG800), the fax is detected as T38 and everything looks good, except that it ends with (88) INCOMPATIBLE_DESTINATION

Does anyone has an idea what might cause this and what could help resolve the issue ? I can send the trace if you email me. Any help appreciated.

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