[VoiceOps] Avaya IP Office SIP DTMF

Nick Olsen nick at flhsi.com
Wed Apr 5 09:45:54 EDT 2017

Greetings all,
 Does anyone have any pointers on delivering DTMF reliably to an Avaya IP 
Office system?
 We've got a reseller that installs these, And it seems to be a crapshoot 
regarding if DTMF works well on them. Specifically inbound DTMF (Dialing 
into the IP Office system, And dialing an extension via an auto 
attendant..etc.). Most of the time, The system will produce a "That option 
is invalid" as it's misheard the DTMF.
 Out of about 30 systems currently serviced, I'd say about 18 of them work 
perfectly with RFC2833 based DTMF. 6-7 of them work perfectly fine after 
switching to INBAND DTMF. And a handful (The remaining 6ish) of the 
remaining don't work well with either.
 Of the above 30 systems, They range in IP Office version from 7.x to the 
latest (9.x I think). And there seems to be no correlation with software 
version and if it functions correctly, Or not.
 When a DTMF change is made, It's always reflected in the IP office SIP 
trunk configuration, After we found some wording in the IP Office 
documentation basically stating it follows whatever the other system 
presents via DTMF.
 IP connectivity doesn't seem to be the problem here. As all of the 
non-functional devices have perfect connectivity, And DTMF can be seen in a 
packet capture at the port the device plugs into. 
 We're providing SIP to all of these systems with an Asterisk box running 
12.8.2. The same box is currently serving about 700 customers. User 
equipment ranging from just about every known IP phone under the sun, The 
same with ATA's. Many Digium G-series T1 gateways, Cisco call managers... 
None of which ever have a problem.
 Hoping someone has some "magic" they can loan me, Or some relevant 
settings to tweak (On either system).
   Nick Olsen
 Sr. Network Engineer
 Florida High Speed Internet
 (321) 205-1100 x106



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