[VoiceOps] under what circumstances can a port out request be rejected?

Reinventing Rich reinventingrich at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 18:09:51 EDT 2017

Long story but we bought out a persons 3 year Century Link 3 yr contract
and now half a year later we just got a port out request for their main TN.

Ordinarily I would say hey if you dont like the service no big deal but
this is going to hurt bad if they won't pay up what they owe on the
contract (at least what we had to pay Century Link)

I've never tried to reject someones port out request, can I just reject for
lack of payment?

Do I have to give a reason?

Do I just do like all the other providers do to me and make them provide
CSR data and keep telling them its wrong... XD

I'm asking in earnest, I want to be legit but this is really going to hurt
the company I work for
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