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Christopher Aloi ctaloi at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 16:48:39 EDT 2017

I wrote a similar internal tool using https://www.everyoneapi.com/  We've
been using it for a few years and have never had any issues.  I've also hit
the API with some bulk requests and the results are great.

Name: Florida High Speed Internet | Internet Services
Line Type: landline
Line Provider: Hook Mobile (Sybase) ()
Current Carrier: Terra Nova Telecom (382G)
Original Carrier: tw telecom (7635)
Location: 1311 Bedford Dr Melbourne FL 329401975

On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 4:41 PM Nick Olsen <nick at flhsi.com> wrote:

> Greetings all,
> We've got an internal tool that lets my NOC staff query extended LRN on
> numbers. They use this for checking the numbers current carrier, Verifying
> a number after it ports (In or out)..etc. This same tool also pulls CNAM
> from a few sources so they can easily test "Wrong caller ID" tickets.
> Does anyone have any good leads on someone that has a good non-cached LRN
> API?
> We've tried two thus far with poor results.
> 1. "CallWithUs", Real time results, But cached for 24 hours after the
> first request. So if we wanted to check a number more then once a day, We
> get the same results.
> 2. ThinQ. Results returned are either cached, Or perhaps outdated.
> Querying a number after it ports returns the old LRN. Results do not update
> until 24 hours after port. Since we have a decent bit of traffic on ThinQ,
> And a decent relationship with them I opened a ticket to see if it could be
> a adjusted. First was told that LRN takes 24 hours to update. And that was
> normal. I pushed back on the obvious canned and incorrect response and they
> "made some changes" which did nothing. Finally they admitted they could not
> return real-time results.
> Many of my upstream carriers are using Syniverse as their LRN source. So I
> reached out to them. Found my volume (~20 queries a day) is too low for
> them. And they don't offer any type of HTTP API, Understandably on both
> counts.
> Example output of our internal tool. (Queried 13212051100
> <(321)%20205-1100>)
> Latest CNAM / LRN Lookup Refresh <http://noc.flhsi.com/did/3212051100/dip>
> (Thinq) CNAM FLHSI
> LRN 4078675999 <(407)%20867-5999>
> State FL
> Rate Center ORLANDO
> LATA 458
> OCN 382G
> Request Timestamp 2017-04-13 16:40:19
> *Nick Olsen*
> Sr. Network Engineer
> Florida High Speed Internet
> (321) 205-1100 x106 <(321)%20205-1100>
> <http://twitter.com/flhsi>
> <https://twitter.com/flhsi> <https://facebook.com/flhighspeed>
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