[VoiceOps] Plivo Offline, Domain Expired; Out of Business?

Peter Beckman beckman at angryox.com
Sun Apr 23 11:23:17 EDT 2017

We use Plivo as a monitoring tool for SMS. They've been rock-solid and
reliable, and did a good job of letting people know if things were broken.

Their domain expired on April 17th, and now everything in their network is
unreachable, including their status.plivo.com site.

Is there anyone from Plivo on the list that cares to comment? There isn't
anything on Twitter (@plivo) mentioning that they are aware of the
situation and working on it, which concerns me. We started noticing issues
mid-last week, but didn't dig into it (clearly should have).

While their disappearance isn't affecting our customers, we have lost
visibility of our off-net to on-net SMS testing.

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