[VoiceOps] Fax ATAs/devices

Carlos Alvarez caalvarez at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 17:30:18 EDT 2017

Fax is dead.  Long live fax.

We've resisted supporting it, but customers still need it on occasion, and
they hate having a separate landline carrier just for a fax line.  So I'm
wondering what others here use successfully to provide their customers with
a "fax line" to a physical machine.  We would only use a handful of them,
and only with our customers who have a fully managed service (IE, 2-3ms
connection directly to us over MPLS).  We run Asterisk and pass T.38 to a
few carriers.  We currently do fax to e-mail inbound on Asterisk with no

Volume is very light, maybe 3-5 per day per customer, so things like the
Vitelity FaxEnable don't make economic sense ($25/mo unlimited our cost).
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