[VoiceOps] Fax ATAs/devices

Alex Balashov abalashov at evaristesys.com
Fri Apr 28 15:19:40 EDT 2017

Indeed. And every time we devise yet another contrived artifice to keep fax on life support, we are endorsing this stupidity.

When my native Soviet Union dissolved, the Western management consultants descended upon our society to tell us that central planning led to profoundly suboptimal misallocations of resources, and that capitalism is dynamic, adaptive, promotional of constant change and progress through competition. The invisible hand always tweaking structure and supply chains, rationalising away inefficiencies and middlemen. 

Yet, I give you fax and people faxing from MFPs documents that begin and end their journey as PDFs. How is that a triumphal testimony to the preeminence of market economics? Where's the clarion call to rationality? 

"But we sell it because customers demand it!" they say. Customers demand anything that clogs arteries, mutates DNA, and slowly, agonisingly suffocates kittens. For once, exercise your moral responsibility as anointed beneficiaries of the gospel of wealth, as captains of industry, and assert some backbone. Let your perspicacity and insight "trickle down" -- much has been made of the wisdom of supply-side initiatives in contemporary neoliberalism, no? 

It's 2017. Fax must die. 

-- Alex

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