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Thank you for the information this is exactly what I was looking for. What
features do you think are missing today, and what features does Kazoo have
that make them unique? What are some pros and cons of the company?

Do you think Kazoo can compete with the multiple UC options out there that
have their own mobile apps, messaging support, screen sharing, integration
with social, voicemail transcription, SMS, MMS, WebRTC etc... I know Kazoo
has talked about doing many of these things in the past, but I think most
of it is proof of concept. Or hey our API supports it, but you have to hire
a developer to make it happen.

On Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 6:48 PM, Mark Diaz <mdiaz at vinixglobal.com> wrote:

> Kazoo platform user here.
> Previous to starting our own ITSP, we did SIP work for public telecoms
> such as ATT, Windstream, Cbeyond, etc. When Kazoo became a concept I was a
> strong supporter.
> Started using since it inception.. approx. 4-5 years ago. Kazoo has had
> the same growing pains in the past as you would have with any startup.
> However for the past 2 years now it has been production stable and our
> customers are very happy with the product. Furthermore, feedback from new
> clients have confirmed that it is the best of the demos they see when
> compared to competitors. Currently we have a distrubited cluster running
> multiple zones in 6 regions for fault tolerance, redundancy and high
> availability.
> While the 2600hz team has been benevolent to open-source the base
> platform, close source apps such as their Call Center and Operator Panel
> apps have been quite popular and the 2600hz team is refreshingly responsive
> their support.
> Hope that helps, if there's anything missing I'll be happy to submit my
> input.
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> I would like to hear opinions or experiences with 2600hz's Kazoo platform.
> One of the things I can't seem to figure out, is besides hosting and
> support, is there anything today you can do on the paid for commercial
> Kazoo platform that you could not do on the free opensource edition?
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