[VoiceOps] Reporting tool for Asterisk CDRs

Justin Hornosty justin at credil.org
Wed Feb 22 17:47:22 EST 2017

Carlos Alvarez writes:

> All of these products seem to require things running on the server, or a
> server.  We're literally looking for something to look at the existing CDR
> files only.  For two reasons--they want to look at historical data, and we
> prefer not to add cruft to our voice servers.  We could put it elsewhere,
> but then, deploying more infrastructure means a cost we need to pass on.

Honestly for a case this small have you considered just writing a
script to parse the CDRs how you like?

I did exactly this a few times - parsing the CSV files in python to figure
out number of calls,total time per extension, etc.

It's really less work than you would think.

You might be able to reuse some code from cdr-stats.

Once you have some basic code that does what you want just schedule a
cronjob to run whenever.


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