[VoiceOps] Hotel IP phones

Pete Mundy pete at fiberphone.co.nz
Wed Jan 4 23:51:50 EST 2017

Get one of each and give them a try.

I prefer the Yealink over the Snom and Grandstream. I find the styling more to my taste and prefer the UI and underlying OS.

But each to their own :)

> On Wed, Jan 4, 2017 at 5:17 PM, Ernesto Miro Cons <emc at transtelco.net <mailto:emc at transtelco.net>> wrote:
> The hotel is mid to high range with 42 bedrooms. IP phones are a must, and the customer suggested going with wireless. 
> I like the GX1625 simple and cheap phone ideas some of you  have voiced and will add it to the list. 
> So far no one has mentioned using touchscreen phones, so I am tempted to remove it from the list.
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