[VoiceOps] Past due/overdue invoices for Doctor offices - How to handle?

Paul Timmins paul at timmins.net
Thu Mar 9 14:33:39 EST 2017

I'd imagine Doc has a cellphone if s*it hits the fan. If not, he surely 
has a visa card that he could give you.

And yes, we warm line customers who don't pay for a day or so first, 
they can call repair and 911 and that's it. Then that goes dark too.

On 03/09/2017 02:23 PM, Carlos Alvarez wrote:
> I'm not sure why you'd treat them any differently from any other 
> customer?  Your service agreement should include clear info on when 
> accounts will be disconnected, and presumably the customer signed it.  
> Doctor's offices are not considered emergency medical facilities, and 
> in fact, 100% of our doctor/medical offices include "if this is an 
> emergency dial 911" at the beginning of their greetings.
> Our ToS also includes:
> This service may not be used in any life support, emergency response, 
> or other critical communications which may cause loss of life, injury, 
> or property damage. Customer acknowledges that the service may be 
> interrupted on nights and weekends for routine maintenance.
> On Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 12:16 PM, jungle Boogie 
> <jungleboogie0 at gmail.com <mailto:jungleboogie0 at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hi All,
>     What's the general rule/experience when dealing with Doctor offices
>     that have unpaid invoices on postpaid telephone service plans?
>     This may vary largely in different regions/states, but can a VoIP
>     provider threaten to disconnect telephone service for unpaid invoices?
>     If a Doctor office is on a pre-paid plan, like most VoIP operations,
>     are is there any liabilities on the VoIP provider when the balance
>     falls below a 0 or negative balance and there happens to be a medical
>     emergency? Perhaps it would be possible to disable calling to everyone
>     except 911. Is this a legitimate practice?
>     Thanks!
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