[VoiceOps] VoIP Providers and direct NANP access

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How many LECs are  capable of providing an  IP handoff so I don’t have to connect with them via TDM?

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Take a look here:

  1.  FCC waiver
  2.  File notice with States
  3.  OCN for IP-Enabled Services
  4.  Interconnect agreement with a CLEC or LEC capable of providing the IP handoff
  5.  POI CLLI to use as your switch in BIRRDS/LERG, SHA uses your interconnect provider's actual switch.
Contact Inteliquent about their Host Switch product for VoIP carriers. It's real and it's already happening.


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Hello VoiceOp'rs

In 2015 the FCC released an order which allows non-CLEC VoIP providers to get numbers directly from the NANP:


This document describes in great detail, well, not much; it doesn’t really get to the heart of the matter – the how. I can think of several ways it *could* be done, but don't know how it actually *is* done,

Is anyone out there doing this today or was part of the trial and willing to discuss and/or maybe point me toward more engineering-y documentation or maybe even (*gasp*) a reference architecture?


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