[VoiceOps] Looking for some help

Brian Jenkins brianjenkins at corp.sonic.net
Thu Mar 30 11:07:45 EDT 2017

We are experiencing an intermittent buzzing sound on only inbound calls. 
Only the originator hears the buzzing. Calls come into our class 5 
switch via ISUP trunks directly connect to an AT&T tandem. Looking at 
our EMI report all the calls with the buzz get billed to Century Link. 
We have tested directly at our hand off to AT&T and were unable to hear 
any buzzing on an active call where the originator was hearing it. I 
have been trying to work with Century Link but since we are not a direct 
customer it has been difficult. I was hoping to find a Century Link 
Voice Engineer out there I could work with.
Please contact me directly.

Thank You

Brian Jenkins
Network Operation

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