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It all depends on where the problem is being introduced. If the speech quality impairment is associated with the endpoint itself or any part of their headset gear, cabling etc. then monitoring on the IP packet network will not  analyze this. With a monitoring system, you might be able to capture the RTP and listen to it. With an expert ear, that might ascertain the source of the problem


In order to measure truly end-to-end from the analog interface of the headset [or even from an acoustic interface if necessary], normal practice is to transmit an audio speech file into the analog interface  of the endpoint and do an Intrusive speech quality management.  The standard is PESQ or more latterly POLQA.


POLQA Is an ITU-T standard, has the  benefit of over 20 years collective research and development from  over 6 research labs,  combined with testing against  a database of over 850,000 subjective  assessments. When measured accurately, it has 97% correlation with human subjective experience i.e. MOS  [ITU-T recommendation P.800] and 1 or 2 such test solutions will also give you analysis that assists you determine the root cause of the impairment


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+100 for voipmonitor 

Thanks, Glenn (Mobile)


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 From time to time we have some remote clients who are facing voice quality issues on their endpoints and I have no real good way of troubleshooting or pin pointing the problem.

While it's not completely free, I couldn't live without voipmonitor for this very use. I install a sensor in the client network on a mirror port or on the phone system and get to see exactly what they see, from a voip perspective.

The collection software is open source but the gui is invaluable.

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