[VoiceOps] SIP mobile client supporting TLS client authentication

Lee Riemer LRiemer at bestline.net
Fri Oct 13 10:34:55 EDT 2017

Google fu:  https://nelenkov.blogspot.com/2014/07/secure-voice-communication-on-android.html

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I haven't had to use it for quite some time, but I am fairly confident that there is a way to put a client cert on your device which CSipSimple will use. I think there is a ca file and client cert which is referenced by the client by default for TLS accounts, and which you can replace with your own.

On Oct 13, 2017 3:08 AM, "Leandro Dardini" <ldardini at gmail.com<mailto:ldardini at gmail.com>> wrote:
Thank you, but I want the "certificate" part. I want to be able to connect to my server over TLS, but only if I have a TLS client certificate.


2017-10-13 0:59 GMT+02:00 Monterrosa Santiago <smonterrosa at mcmtelecom.com.mx<mailto:smonterrosa at mcmtelecom.com.mx>>:
We developed our own SIP client that supports TLS.  No need of certificates.

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Subject: [VoiceOps] SIP mobile client supporting TLS client authentication

I am looking for a SIP mobile client (android/iOS) supporting TLS with client authentication, so I can require a client certificate to be installed on the phones.

Any idea on application name?


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