[VoiceOps] ICTFAX - configuration

Izzy Goldstein - TeleGo igoldstein at telego.net
Tue Oct 24 12:42:09 EDT 2017

has anyone successfully configured ICTFAX on centos ?

i am trying to follow the guide, and im stuck with getting the SIP Trunk

I want to register the ictfax to a SIP Trunk,
I have the trunk information, (host, username, password)
but in the GUI it is asking for other information which I don't know what
it is, for example the "Dial String" and the "Register" field.

Username, I assume is the username used for the SIP Registration
Password, I assume is the password used for the SIP Registration
Host, I assume is the Server Address, can I use a Fully Qualified Domain
Name in this field ? or it has to be a IP Value ?
Port, I assume I enter for example 5070, or whatever port the SIP Server is
set to listen on
add prefix, it has 00 in  it. I assume I don't need this, unless the SIP
Trunk carrier is asking to prefix all calls with a special value

Dial string and Register fields i dont know what to put in there, and
leaving it blank does not register the SIP Trunk

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