[VoiceOps] ICTFAX - configuration

Matthew Yaklin myaklin at firstlight.net
Tue Oct 24 13:03:17 EDT 2017

The register field is either true or false based on the far end side wanting you to register or not.

The dial string is where to route stuff to. sofia/gateway/%trunk/%phone for example... sofia is the freepbx sip stack or something. Forgive me. I do not use FreePBX.


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has anyone successfully configured ICTFAX on centos ?

i am trying to follow the guide, and im stuck with getting the SIP Trunk registered,

I want to register the ictfax to a SIP Trunk,
I have the trunk information, (host, username, password)
but in the GUI it is asking for other information which I don't know what it is, for example the "Dial String" and the "Register" field.

Username, I assume is the username used for the SIP Registration
Password, I assume is the password used for the SIP Registration
Host, I assume is the Server Address, can I use a Fully Qualified Domain Name in this field ? or it has to be a IP Value ?
Port, I assume I enter for example 5070, or whatever port the SIP Server is set to listen on
add prefix, it has 00 in  it. I assume I don't need this, unless the SIP Trunk carrier is asking to prefix all calls with a special value

Dial string and Register fields i dont know what to put in there, and leaving it blank does not register the SIP Trunk


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