[VoiceOps] Cisco acquires Broadsoft for approx the GDP of Belize

Eric Hernaez ehernaez at skyswitch.com
Wed Oct 25 18:13:13 EDT 2017

Just to set the record straight about one of the points mentioned below,
the relationship between netsapiens and SkySwitch does not benefit
netsapiens in any special way, other than that they can point to us as a
successful deployment.  While I would like to think of it as "unique and
close" because I used to be an netsapiens employee, and consider many of
the people there friends, SkySwitch does not get treated preferentially as
compared to other netsapiens customers.

On Tue, Oct 24, 2017 at 4:55 AM, Aviv Shaham <aviv at ironsip.com> wrote:

> Some thoughts:
> - This move is great news for any mid-market+ ITSP with a proprietary tech
> stack and royalty-free softswitch, such as Jive. Any of the large ISPs
> contemplating moving away from Broadsoft may shop around and scoop these up.
> - This is very bad news for non-ISP providers on the Broadsoft platform
> who have built their entire business around Broadsoft licensing and have
> very little VoIP IP of their own, like Nextiva. Those ITSPs just became
> Cisco resellers overnight competing for the same customers against Cisco's
> inside sales force and existing mid-size and enterprise footprint and
> partnerships.
> Expect continued consolidation as those ITSPs head for the exits, and
> fast. Also does not bode well for whitelabel providers powered by Broadsoft
> such as BluIP and the new Coredial offering.
> - As for device makers, this is particularly bad for Polycom who invested
> heavily in Broadsoft-only integrations while ignoring smaller softswitch
> makers for years. 2-3 years from now Broadsoft resellers will be selling
> primarily Cisco endpoints. Polycom saw this coming and came out with their
> device lease program a couple months back. Cisco will practically be giving
> away free SIP devices to accelerate growth. In other news, Polycom is being
> replaced by Yealink.
> - Pretty good news for Netsapiens and Metaswitch, although just like with
> Broadsoft and BroadCloud, Netsapiens competes directly with its resellers
> by way of its unique and close relationship with Skyswitch.
> - CPaaS will naturally continue to grow. Broadsoft will need some serious
> CPaaS chops, and Cisco-owned Tropo is not enough to compete in this market.
> They will make some moves, maybe even pick up Plivo. Might as well aim
> higher and get Twilio before Amazon does, or at least before Amazon comes
> out with their business Hosted PBX offering with built-in CPaaS deep
> integrations.
> - They really did blindside their audience at Connections this year. One
> has to wonder why that was necessary.
> Aviv
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