[VoiceOps] Automated Test Tool recommendations

Pete Eisengrein peeip989 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 08:49:22 EST 2018

I'm looking for recommendations for automated test tools for testing call
flows. We use sipp today and it gets the job done but it's a little
cumbersome to set up and not quite what I need going forward.  We could
(and might) write one but that would be as expensive as buying one, so I'm
hoping there's one that fits my wants.

In an ideal world, this magical box would:

1- support standards-based SIP/RTP in-band and out of band DTMF, and TLS
and SRTP
2- be simple to set up different call flows, including interactive calls
(with tone detection)
3- can store 100's of pre-defined call flows for future use
4- can select some or all to be used in a test case to run in sequence or
5- can be scheduled to run a test case
6- Can set thresholds for PDD, etc
7- Outputs a meaningful, easy to read report of success and failure,
including reason for failure
8- Can simulate bad calls, if desired
9- be able to interact with API's for click-to-dial, presence, etc (Not
required but would be a nice add)
10- Bake brownies every afternoon (hey, a guy can dream)

Are you using (or selling) anything that fits this description?

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