[VoiceOps] CABS\Intercarrier Compensation Billing

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If (MOU >= 10000 AND entitybillsyou=True) {goto Checkinto-CABS-billing-providers} 
Else {exit} 


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Intercarrier CABS billing has to do with the charges that carriers bill 
each other for use of their network. It used to be that all facilities 
based carriers could charge for any PSTN traffic terminating on their 
switch or any toll free traffic originating from their switch. The rules 
were changed in 2017 so now facilities-based carriers cannot charge for 
end office switching - only tandem switching and dip charges. 

Whether to bill for it or not has always been based on the amount of 
traffic the facilities-based carrier has. Most carriers who have a 
significant amount of traffic to bill for use a CABS billing service and 
it doesn't really pay to do that unless you have 10,000 MOU (minutes of 
use) per month. There are also a few things to consider when determining 
whether you want to bill. Most wireless carriers try to establish bill 
and keep agreements so if a lot of your traffic is traversing their 
networks, you can bet they are going to want to negotiated that away. 
You also have to remember that if you're billing a company that isn't 
billing you, it gives them reason to start billing you so you have to 
evaluate all those components when deciding whether or not to go that 
route. The top 3 companies that do CABS billing are: 




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On 2018-07-05 02:19 PM, Mike Hammett wrote: 
> My client is asking me to setup CABS billing for them. I only really 
> see this being relevant to inter-carrier compensation. Where can I 
> find more resources about how that works? 
> Is inter-carrier compensation is something we'd be billing the tandem 
> operator or each company sending us calls? 
> Note: I'm primarily a data\SIP guy, but I've been thrown into telco 
> hell. 
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