[VoiceOps] NPAC Transition

Mike Hammett voiceops at ics-il.net
Wed Jul 25 13:09:53 EDT 2018

So NPAC recently moved from NeuStar to iconectiv. 

As far as I was aware, my client just used them for a portal to do number ports. I see all kinds of things about costs of VPNs, DS1s, 100 meg Ethernet, etc. All of that seems awfully ancillary to being a portal for entering port requests. 

What else do they do? Should I be interested in it? 

Neustar still thinks that they're the ones handling our porting, but as far as I can tell, the running of that transferred from Neustar to iconectiv. If iconectiv is running the system now, why would I want to use someone else for port order entry? 

Mike Hammett 
Intelligent Computing Solutions 

Midwest Internet Exchange 

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