[VoiceOps] SPA112 ATA to Buzzer

Adam Cunningham acunningham8301 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 2 17:11:44 EDT 2019

Set for 60(2/4) and was set for 25 hz. I just changed it to 20. Will have
the customer test tomorrow.

On Tue, Apr 2, 2019 at 4:48 PM Matthew Yaklin <myaklin at firstlight.net>

> What do you have the ring voltage/frequency set to?  90 VAC? and 20 cycles
> (hz)?
> What ring cadence is being used? 2 on and 4 off? 60(2/4)?
> The AC current being sent is probably a sinusoid wave.. did you try
> trapezoid? For all I know the sinusoid wave is not to the buzzer's liking
> but who knows how cisco implemented these things. Just try both.
> Since the buzzer actually makes a noise I guess it is drawing enough
> current for the fake phone line to actually sending ringing down the
> line....
> Ask me.. the problem is the ATA is not acting like an old fashioned POTS
> from an ILEC in some way but the SPA series has never failed me yet when I
> finally figured out what to tweak. I am not sure swapping out the ATA will
> be very helpful unless you get lucky with some default settings.
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> We have a client who has a buzzer in their shop connected to an SPA112.
> This is part of the huntgroup on inbound calls to the main number. The
> issue is that it is supposed to follow the standard ring cycle and it no
> longer does. Used to be connected to an analog port of an Avaya IP Office.
> It is an old AC powered one. Connected to the ATA, it buzzes for half a
> second maybe then waits till the following ring. We've tried changing the
> ring voltage on the ATA with no luck.
> Anyone have any suggestions? Maybe even another product to try? (sub $100
> range).
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