[VoiceOps] SPA112 ATA to Buzzer

Matthew Yaklin myaklin at firstlight.net
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What do you have the ring voltage/frequency set to?  90 VAC? and 20 cycles (hz)?

What ring cadence is being used? 2 on and 4 off? 60(2/4)?

The AC current being sent is probably a sinusoid wave.. did you try trapezoid? For all I know the sinusoid wave is not to the buzzer's liking but who knows how cisco implemented these things. Just try both.

Since the buzzer actually makes a noise I guess it is drawing enough current for the fake phone line to actually sending ringing down the line....

Ask me.. the problem is the ATA is not acting like an old fashioned POTS from an ILEC in some way but the SPA series has never failed me yet when I finally figured out what to tweak. I am not sure swapping out the ATA will be very helpful unless you get lucky with some default settings.

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We have a client who has a buzzer in their shop connected to an SPA112. This is part of the huntgroup on inbound calls to the main number. The issue is that it is supposed to follow the standard ring cycle and it no longer does. Used to be connected to an analog port of an Avaya IP Office.

It is an old AC powered one. Connected to the ATA, it buzzes for half a second maybe then waits till the following ring. We've tried changing the ring voltage on the ATA with no luck.

Anyone have any suggestions? Maybe even another product to try? (sub $100 range).
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