[VoiceOps] International (Non-US/Canada) Termination Providers

Peter Beckman beckman at angryox.com
Fri Apr 5 19:42:41 EDT 2019

We've been happy with nobody, like you, on both reachability and cost.

We use Thinq for 38.1% of our international termination in the last month.
We've had issues where a call to the destination number is not the actual
intended endpoint. Mostly it is fine, but like I said not 100% happy. But
maybe that's a pipe dream for any carrier.

We use Onvoy/Voyant/Vitelity for another 47%, but high cost there.

We are enabling the Bandwidth.com Intl deck and are looking at Inteliquent,
but we also spend more than you do, which might be a dealbreaker for you
and those carriers.

We have a carrier that we use for International termination for 15% now and
they are reliable but expensive and much of our termination goes through
Inteliquent anyway, we're just paying a pass-thru premium.


PS - numbers rounded, vaguely

On Fri, 5 Apr 2019, Ivan Kovacevic wrote:

> Hello,
> We have been struggling to find good international routes. We mostly handle
> contact centre traffic in NA and do not have much traffic ($500ish per
> month) internationally, but it has been exceedingly painful to manage.
> We've tried a couple of carriers (Level3 - expensive and bad, TATA -
> cheaper but bad and will randomly block traffic, couple of CLECs who also
> offer A-Z).
> Financially it's not worth the hassle and managing the providers, but our
> contact centre clients do need to be able to make non-contact centre
> international calls on occasion, so we have to support it.
> Any suggestions?
> <http://www.startelecom.ca>
> *Ivan Kovacevic*
> *www.startelecom.ca <http://www.startelecom.ca>*
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