[VoiceOps] ATA To Connect to Mitel PBX

Nathan Anderson nathana at fsr.com
Sat Apr 13 08:23:35 EDT 2019

You didn't say what the "some issues" were that the customer was still complaining about.  Just stuck lines?  Just echo?  Both?  Something else entirely?

Re: stuck lines, sounds to me like the TA and the phone system are not in agreement about what method of disconnect supervision (if any) the TA is going to provide and the phone system trunks are going to be looking for.

-- Nathan

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I've only had to provide POTS termination to 1 MITEL system.  I tried 
using Linksys/Cisco SPA and Grandstream ATA's, then finally put in an 
Adtran TA904 (2nd gen).  The Adtran seemed to give the least number of 
issues with Lines getting stuck open, Echo, etc. But the (former) 
customer was still complaining about some issues when they closed up shop.

I now need to provide 6 analog lines to hand off to an existing MITEL.  
Is there an ATA that's better than a TA908 for doing "Acceptable" POTS 
to a MITEL?


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