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Have you been able to listen to sample calls containing the static described by your customer? Another potential cause, in addition to the obvious RF signal strength, could be clock slips. This is a phenomenon being derived from the wireline network rather than the radio network  and is pretty constant and loud when it happens. If the call goes over circuit-switched path, ie a  TDM link, it can suffer from what sounds like static, crackles with about 20 ms periodicity


Just an idea because poor signal:noise ratio is not normally described in the same way as the presence of static





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We have a pattern of calls coming into us, the caller hears static to the point where they can barely hear our customer. Our customer doesn't hear anything wrong.


Outbound calls to Verizon Wireless are fine and there aren't any other known networks having static issues.

We get our calls from the local tandem ran by Frontier.


Could someone from VZW reach out to me?

Mike Hammett
Intelligent Computing Solutions

Midwest Internet Exchange

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