[VoiceOps] International call "looping" post-call?

Mark Wiles mwiles at akabis.com
Thu Apr 18 14:42:55 EDT 2019

It’s hard to get a layman-customer to understand such issues… packetization, UDP, TCP, fraud, etc., might as well be speaking another unknown dialect.  😊

They do say it seems happen the most on calls terminating on Jamaican cells.  I’ve seen some conspiracy theories that it’s an issue with an NSA node, where they’re listening to the calls.
I’m personally more of the mindset it’s some questionable ULC in the path that needs to be removed.


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Mark –

We’ve had that very experience reported by conference call participants connecting from Jamaica. Further, if the call stays up a long while, as is common with a con call, the looped audio may repeat periodically. Crazy stuff.

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Subject: [VoiceOps] International call "looping" post-call?

A customer came to me with a somewhat strange problem.

He reports they’ll be on a phone call to Jamaica (or other World Zone 1 / International destination).
The called party will end the call… and he’ll report hearing the last 15-30’ish seconds of the conversation “looped”.

It almost sounds like someone’s maybe doing TCP on the RTP, and something screwy going on with the packetization.

Anyone else heard of this or have a theory?



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