[VoiceOps] STIR/SHAKEN Discussion: Will it help?

Peter Beckman beckman at angryox.com
Tue Dec 17 18:49:21 EST 2019

On Tue, 17 Dec 2019, John Levine wrote:

> In article <alpine.BSF.2.20.1912171724140.8519 at nog2.angryox.com> you write:
>>  Sure, but have you ever tried to contact a carrier for which you do not
>>  have a business relationship and get them to do something, and you are
>>  smaller and less consequential than they are?
>>  We can block Hooli, but now OUR customers are livid, and Hooli doesn't
>>  really care.
> It's more subtle than that.  The signature from Hooli is a signal you
> can stir into your spam filters.  If the call comes from them and the
> calling number isn't one you'd expect them to host, that's a pretty
> strong signal your customer won't be happy to get the call.

  In my case, we use different termination carriers than our origination
  carriers in many situations. If we are authorized to use a DID for
  CallerID, but it is not from the termination carrier, how does the
  termination carrier know to set the attestation to full?

  Will I be forced to use my origination carrier as my termination carrier
  to ensure that my calls are not dropped or sent straight to Voicemail?
  This would break the competitive termination market.

  How do _I_ or my origination carrier publish that _I_ am authorized to use
  a DID for termination so that the termination carrier can set attestion to
  Full? There is nothing in STIR/SHAKEN to help me identify my calls as Full
  Attestion if the Calling DID is not with the Terminating Carrier.

  Anything less than Full Attestation will likely start to break call
  completion. Now I have a new problem -- what carriers are blocking or
  dropping my calls and why?!? There's no header for that.

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