[VoiceOps] Request for Opinions: High density ATA's

Matthew Yaklin myaklin at firstlight.net
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I have a feeling an Adtran 924 can also do it as well. 24 pots. They come in diff sizes. I normally register each line but I bet it has the same capabilities with a trunk to fxs port routing setup. It is also quite the stable and hardened box for dusty old closets.

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I've got a few Adtran 6336 with 24 port FXS on it. They work fine. One has been in production for 7 years! They connect back to an asterisk system in most of our use cases, but would be fine with any SIP system I'm sure. You can register each line, or setup a trunk and route to an analog port. We also use Audiocodes 4 and 8 port FXS's, and they operate basically the same, they're both just "fine" for me, nothing really special about them.


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I have found myself with a number of hospital opportunities and
servicing the staff with IP phones is a no-brainer, however there is the
need for multi-hundred room connectivity for patient room phones and the
staff mandate is to keep it analog because "ip phones there will grow

I am looking for 24+ port density with amphenol connectors, and ideally
some kind of rudimentary internal routing so i dont need to register all
24 discreet ports and can route by some header (to or uri) within a
single registration.

Right now im looking at AudioCodes and the Sangoma Vega series. Obihai
would be my natural choice here but don't have anything that fits my
density requirements.

Any opinions on these or others I should consider. Anyone deploy these
and can speak to the experience?

Thanks in advance


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