[VoiceOps] Request for Opinions: High density ATA's

Pete Mundy pete at fiberphone.co.nz
Sun Mar 24 04:04:46 EDT 2019

Good on ya for doing the right thing in calling them out on it anyway Nathan! Great story :)

I've only used the single and dual port versions of these Yeastar boxes but I also discovered they were linux & Asterisk and I've found them to be quite reliable in the small numbers I've used.


> On 24/03/2019, at 3:09 PM, Nathan Anderson <nathana at fsr.com> wrote:
> This is a little "outside the box" maybe, but you can get 32 ports of FXS from the Yeastar TA3200 (https://www.yeastar.com/fxs-voip-gateways/).  I've only ever used the 4- and 8-port versions which aren't rackmount and only have single-pair RJ11s, but supposedly the 1U 16-, 24-, and 32-port ones have both RJ11s on the front *and* Amphenols/RJ21s on the back.  And the 3200 can be had brand-new for about ~USD$550/ea shipped all day every day, if you know where to look...so the only way I know how to beat these $-wise would be some refurbished Adtran TA924e (which are arguably a more solid unit anyway, both on hardware and software side).
> Though the price is right, these units definitely have their quirks.  I'm not 100% sure they can do single registration per-unit instead of per-port...I'll pull one of my small-port-count ones out to test.  They actually run Linux + Asterisk (ancient and very hacked-up/custom 1.6.2.x build as I recall) and for a while I contemplated building a custom ROM of my own for it from source in order to work around my own irritations, but last time I'd looked they hadn't released their internally-developed patches for either the kernel, Asterisk, or their build environment and I couldn't get them to budge on this, so I sicced the FSF and Digium legal teams on them...I think their attitude may have changed after that but I haven't had time to pursue further.  Also, even if I get the patches, it appears that their analog interfaces are not based on Digium DAHDI reference designs like so many others, but is custom hardware (+ software drivers which they may not have any obligation to release sou
> rces for, depending on how their drivers actually link up to DAHDI itself), so it may be a fool's errand regardless.
> -- Nathan
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