[VoiceOps] Hotel Phone System

Matthew Crocker matthew at corp.crocker.com
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Have you thought about hanging Analog phones off a large ATA (Adtran TA5000) or a stack of Adtran TA924s?   Buid a SIP trunk from Broadworks to the ATA and assign the TNs to the SIP trunk (Creating trunk users).  You can then assign Broadworks services to the users (voicemail, etc).   The SIP trunk user only uses up a license when it has an active call,  you can overcommit your licenses that way

Check out https://xchange.broadsoft.com/node/1034202

Section 4.4 covers licensing and the overcommit process.

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Anyone have recommendations on brands and models to deploy for a hotel? We use Broadsoft as our voip switch, but the though of using standard licenses for a 100 room hotel would be expensive in monthly license cost alone. Hotel only wants 10 phone lines, so we are thinking about providing an onsite PBX with 10 SIP trunks as the input.

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