[VoiceOps] Metaswitch

Camille Issa camille at alianza.com
Mon Dec 7 12:12:02 EST 2020

I’d keep my eyes open for when they launch their Azure+Metaswitch+Teams offer directly to enterprise/business users and become your competition. It’s only a matter of time – they want to compete with Cisco [Webex[BroadCloud]].

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From: Matthew Yaklin <myaklin at firstlight.net>
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Same here. Nothing seems to have changed except a logo I noticed in a web portal.


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I haven't noticed any changes, better or worse. Then again, maybe I'm not observant or maybe it's the boiling frog theory.

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Subject: [VoiceOps] Metaswitch

I wanted to get some feedback from the people that are using Metaswitch  How are  things are going with the Microsoft  acquisition/

Thanks for your feedback.


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