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I would love to have my own stratum one in each Frontier CO we're in. Unfortunately, we don't have access to put GPS antennas on the buildings and the important buildings don't have windows and have us behind multiple layers of brick walls\concrete floors, so an indoor antenna isn't likely to work. 

Clocks that accept their information via PTP from a location where we can put up a GPS antenna run into the thousands of dollars (though I am still waiting on quotes), thus aren't exactly reasonably priced. 

To seemingly conclude the thread, 3 are required, 4 or 5 are recommended. VM NTP servers are to be avoided. 

I'll roll with VMs for now while I develop a plan to have something there I can use the hardware directly (no VM). I'll swap out each VM for hardware when a reasonable course of action is available. 

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Ooooh I like that one! 

The thread got a little confusing -- 

Are we talking about using NTP as a client on VMs? 

Or using VMs to run NTP servers? 

If as a server: 
Hell NAH! Don't do it. Like everyone said, the clock available to the 
OS isn't reliable, you don't want its drift to affect other machine's 

If as a client: 
Hell YAH! VM clocks are unreliable. Heck, we had a dedicated server that 
had a 14 second a day drift! We used the heck out of NTP to keep that 
sucker from losing time. 

Sort of related: I really love OVH as a hosting provider, but they offer 
one time source, and it is in Beauharnois, Canada, even if you use their 
Oregon US Datacenter. These NTP devices are so inexpensive to cover a whole 
datacenter, why are we introducing network latency?!? 

I am of the opinion that each physical datacenter should provide its own 
Stratum 1 NTP source. 


On Tue, 18 Feb 2020, Tim Bray via VoiceOps wrote: 

> On 17/02/2020 21:52, Mike Hammett wrote: 
>> How many NTP servers do you guys run? 
>> I just spun up two NTP servers in different locations on this network. 
>> Metaswitch just asked me for at least four (preferably five, or even more). 
>> Right now, the ones I have are just referencing the US pool. Eventually, 
>> they'll reference on-net GPS-backed devices. 
> https://store.uputronics.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=60_70&product_id=92 
> LeoNTP server. If you want to run your own. 
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