[VoiceOps] ringcentral port out issues

jd jd at boldnetworks.net
Fri Jun 12 14:30:36 EDT 2020

I haven’t had any result here, I got a ticket opened and have had zero 
response to it, nobody is responding to me and over the phone they tell to 

Any idea where I can go from here?

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I don't have a specific contact, but have you already called and emailed?


 <mailto:ntd.helpdesk at ringcentral.com> ntd.helpdesk at ringcentral.com

Brandon Svec
 <https://teamonesolutions.com/> teamonesolutions.com

On Thu, May 21, 2020 at 9:38 AM jd <jd at boldnetworks.net> wrote:


Anybody have a contact at RingCentral? Getting some sort of rejection 
porting out, sales and everyone else says they don’t see the port, 
Inteliquent side shows something different with rejection.

Thank you

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