[VoiceOps] 3CX Trunk Unregistering

Mark Wiles mwiles at akabis.com
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Back some time ago, we had a customer using 3CX to our Metaswitch… somewhat similar issues.
Every time their 3CX had a hiccup, they too expected us to fix their issue… we could prove via capture it wasn’t us.  We tried everything we could come up with… no luck.  Finally suggested they engage 3CX… they told us they didn’t have support on the product.  While this doesn’t help your situation, it does let you know you’re not alone.

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Hi all.

I have a customer running 3CX who sometimes has calling problems because the trunk becomes unregistered from our Broadworks platform. When you look at the REGISTERs, there are a couple peculiarities:

  1.  3CX sends an un-REGISTER (expires=0) right before it re-REGISTERs rather than just re-registering the session
  2.  3CX sometimes, but not always, starts a new session (new Call-ID) for the "new" REGISTER rather than simply refreshing the existing session
  3.  Not a problem, but something I find odd and worth mentioning is that it sends the User-Agent info when it un-registers but not when it registers

The problem comes in when we get the un-REGISTER but it is not followed by a new REGISTER and calls begin to fail. The customer is obviously frustrated and is expecting me to do something about it, but....

Anyone familiar with 3CX and can give advice? Any idea why it behaves this way? They're running v16.0.5.619 (based on #3 above).

Thanks in advance.

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