[VoiceOps] Got my first inbound call with a STIR/SHAKEN checkmark

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Conceptually, does this not also mean an end-to-end IP connection. Thus the ability to pass HDVoice? Assuming codec availability at both ends.

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I had noticed this for T-Mobile and Comcast for several months.  Interesting to hear Sprint is on board now too.  Probably/possibly due to merger.  Any bets on the next "big" provider?  at&t, Verizon, ?
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On Wed, Sep 9, 2020 at 1:33 PM Jared Geiger <compuwizz at gmail.com<mailto:compuwizz at gmail.com>> wrote:
I got my first validated call today from a Sprint subscriber to a T-Mobile subscriber. Presents with a tiny check mark in the Missed Calls tab on my iPhone. Unfortunately the originating party misdialed my number.

Tested later on T-Mobile to T-Mobile and got a checkmark in the missed calls list but not on the screen during the call notification. Maybe due to the number being in the Contacts list already.

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