[VoiceOps] False 911 calls and old abandoned DID

Mary Lou Carey marylou at backuptelecom.com
Fri Jan 22 13:10:06 EST 2021

All phone numbers should have an address associated with the phone 
number in the ALI Database. CNAM database and ALI database are two 
different databases so just because CNAM is correct doesn't mean the ALI 
database is. I've run across several instances where the address in the 
LEC database doesn't match the customer's address because the street 
name was changed at one point but never updated on the LEC side. When 
the address in the ALI database doesn't match the address in the MSAG 
database (which assigns it to the correct PSAP), it can prevent the 
caller from getting the help they need.

I know carriers who do not have the correct address in the ALI database 
are fined so I'm sure there's some type of charge generated if they have 
to weed out what's a valid call and what isn't. I would suggest doing a 
clean-up project on your ALI database to make sure all the TNs not being 
used in your switch are removed from the ALI database. Also verify that  
all the TNs you've assigned to customers are in the ALI database with 
the correct address.

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On 2021-01-21 02:08 PM, Dan Mostert wrote:
> We’ve run into similar circumstances before with ported in numbers.
> The losing carrier, either on purpose under the idea of “left in
> place dial-tone”, or laziness, leaves a copper PSTN line configured
> as the customer still.  They also don’t maintain their aging copper,
> so particularly when the cable is wet, short outs and ends up
> pulse-dialling 911 for them.  Same deal- police response for an
> unresponsive / hang up 911, and a confused/annoyed customer.  In our
> case, the PSAPs involved see this so much from the losing carrier
> every time it rains, we just educate everyone involved, and the PSAP /
> public safety have to deal with it.  I’m interested in anyone
> else’s suggestions too.
> Dan
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> Subject: [VoiceOps] False 911 calls and old abandoned DID
> We have a customer who has received two calls from the police because
> "they" called 911, but they did not.  The CLID shown is NOT one of
> theirs, but they think it might have been theirs many years ago.  The
> CNAM on that number is their company name.  Nobody answers the number,
> and it's with Qwest.  Our logs show no calls to 911 from them.
> Any advice on this?  It's just two calls at this point, just this
> week.  They've been our customer for over five years, and this number
> has never been on our system.
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